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Useful book tips:

PLANETWISE   by Dave Bookless  (Dare to care for God's world!)

'I was in the act of throwing away my family's rubbish while holidaying on a beautiful island, when I heard God speak:

'How do you think I feel about what you are doing to my world?"

Since that day, Dave Bookless has been on a mission: to share with others the compelling biblical case for caring for the planet God made for his glory and his people's enjoyment.

This is not another book on green issues to make you feel guilty. There is hope. God can take your small and insignificant efforts and multiply them in his great plan. Besides honouring him, living simply can be an exciting adventure. (from the book cover)

'GOD DOESN'T DO WASTE' by Dave Bookless   'Redeeming the whole of life'

Meet the 'Bookless bunch', a very ordinary family who went green!  'Honest and inspiring' -Peter and Miranda Harris

'We were profoundly moved by this book....' Mark and Lindsay Melluish

SAYING YES TO LIFE - The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2020 by Ruth Valerio

'Perfect for individuals and groups to think, reflect, pray and be challenged together' - Justin Welby

Saying 'Yes to Life' lifts our focus from natural, everyday concerns to issues that have an impact on millions of lives around the world. Foundational to 'Saying Yes to Life' is what it means to be human and, in particular, to be a follower of Jesus. Voices from around the world are heard throughout, and each chapter ends with discussion questions and a prayer to aid action and contemplation.

Also from Ruth: L IS FOR LIFESTYLE -  Christian living that doesn't cost the earth.

'JESUS AND THE EARTH' by James Jones  Bishop of Liverpool   -  What was Jesus' attitude to the earth? What, if anything, did he say about the environment? Is there a divine 'earth-ethic' to be found in the Gospels?

LIVING IN AN ICON - by Robert Gottfried & Frederick W. Krueger

Using principles drawn from classic Christian monasticism, Living in an icon, provides a step-by-step approach to spiritual growth that gives nature the opportunity to teach lessons that one then can apply to everyday living. Topics include gratitude, delight, appreciation, wonder, discernment, reverence, mortality, love, beauty, humility, silence, and hope.

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