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Resources for reducing carbon footprints as we journey towards 2030 and the 'net zero carbon emission' goal!

How we are to get to Net Zero Carbon by 2030 is being planned at the moment. It is a very

different situation for us in Europe and the 'net zero' steering committee is looking at how best to adapt the guidelines from the UK to our needs.

For more information and tips the best way at the moment is to go to

Then the  following:  1. click on About in the heading

                                2. On left of page click on

                              "The practical path to net zero carbon for churches"

                            3. Scroll down to where you can 'Download a self-guided checklist"

                                 4. or further to Also of interest tips

(2) Land and nature webinars: 

(3) Eco Church webinars: 



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