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This, personal website is run by the Environment Officer for the Anglican Diocese in Europe, the Revd Elizabeth Bussmann. It is a private, personal website which exists, primarily, for sharing with like minded people especially local environment officers - to provide resources, share ideas and support one another.

 Project ideas

There are two projects on this website at the moment: The City Forest in Palermo and the 'Reduce Plastic Pollution' from the Algarve Portugal -just scroll down the Project page to access either....

If your community has a project we would love to share it here.



     of this new project -             The place to make              suggestions, share

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 Get Involved

There are a many ways to get involved but the two main ones are: 1. helping your community/church become an Eco-Church and 2.  working to reduce the community/church carbon footprint. Along the way there will be many other ways to get involved through your personal lifestyle in what is basically Christian Discipleship.


IDEAS FOR THE WEEK - Every 2 weeks there will be 2 new tips to try out. (for previous tips see Resources 'Tips' 

Make your own lip balm: I have just done this for the second time. It is really easy and no nasties!

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, almond oil or coconut oil. (I used sweet almond oil) Cocoa or sheabutter

10g Cocoa or Sheabutter

10g plant oil eg Jojoba, almond, coconut or even Olive oil

6-10g bees wax (organic) This can be bought in pellet form.

- a bowl for the water bath

- spoon

- lipstick containers or small jars (I bought lipstick containers made of non-toxic reusable plastic and some glass mini jars!)

Method: melt all the ingredients in the water bath. Mix well together until a smooth mix is reached.

Let the mixture cool for a short time before you fill the containers. If the mixture is too hard, add a couple of drops of oil, if it is too runny, add some more beeswax and warm again.

Fill your containers and leave to cool for at least an hour or if it needs to happen quicker - put them in the fridge!

Any problems, let me know but it is really very simple!

- look up the websites: 



and https://changefortheworld.live



AFTER COP26.................??????????

An initial reflection on Cop 26 by ECO-CHURCH UK



Our work with churches: Eco Church

Following the mixed outcomes of COP26, it’s clear that the Church and wider society has much work to do in the months and years ahead to build on the positive outcomes of the climate negotiations and defend against the risks.

Through Eco Church, we aim to expand and strengthen the churches already engaged across a spectrum of action. This will include helping churches build on commitments made as part of the Climate Sunday initiative, to support many more churches to register as part of the Eco Church community and achieve their first or next award. We want to equip many more churches to go beyond the Eco Church Bronze award level, taking deeper and longer term actions to achieve Silver and Gold awards. The number of Gold awarded churches has increased from 15 to 23 in 2021, the biggest annual increase since the start of the scheme. The jump is a testament to tremendous ongoing commitment from these churches as well as a source of inspiration and possibility for many more to reach Gold.

Whilst pledges in the Glasgow Pact to cut emissions in line with 1.5 degrees are inadequate, there is more that we can do collectively to hold our Government to account and to continue to make progress across our own church buildings and land towards significant carbon reduction. A review of the Eco Church survey in 2022 will ensure that it is as effective as possible in helping a wide range of churches to meet Net Zero or similar targets. 

One of the positive outcomes of COP26 is the recognition of the value of Nature-based Solutions. Churches have an important role to play in this through sharing their learning across borders and traditions, to accelerate and maximise the contribution of church-managed land to addressing climate change and its impacts, and to protecting nature. Eco Church therefore has a significant part to play towards A Rocha UK’s land goal to regenerate 75,000 acres of church land for nature and cutting carbon over the next five years. It’s one of the reasons why we’ll be encouraging as many churches as possible to get involved in Churches Count on Nature again in 2022, to better understand the nature on our land which we can all work together to protect. 

Earlier this year A Rocha UK reached its original 10-year goal for Eco Church four years early! That was to see 10% of churches across England and Wales (4,000 churches) register for the programme. Encouraged by this interest, as well as by the scale of need to respond to the climate and biodiversity crises, we have set a new five year goal. This is ambitious and collaborative. It is to see at least 25% of churches across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland - engaged in deliberate and on-going action to care for nature practically on church premises, in the community and by using their voice. This will not all be achieved through Eco Church but will require us to work in partnership with sister schemes like Eco Congregation in Scotland and Northern Ireland, sharing our resources and learning. A significant grant from All Churches Trust over the next three years, will enable us to recruit two regional churches team members to promote more church engagement and uptake of Eco Church in Wales and the north of England from 2022. 

Our work with christian environmental leaders and coalitions

The work of our Convening programme, with its focus on coalition working and developing Christian Environmental Leaders, has delivered some very significant results in the last six months:  

- Climate Sunday. The purpose of this initiative was to help many more churches to engage in climate change as part of their commitment to care for creation, to take action themselves and to speak up for the UK government to act in the run up to hosting COP26. The initiative has had a considerable impact on churches’ understanding and action with more than 2,300 churches registering a Climate Sunday Service and committing to action such as advancing in Eco Church. At COP26 itself, a Climate Sunday Exhibition stall encouraged visiting Christians to explore their contribution to this urgent and challenging issue. Working with allies in the Climate Sunday initiative, we are planning a comprehensive webinar for January 20, the formal end of the campaign, to guide participating churches on what they can do next.

- Working with our wider A Rocha family. Our focus has been to raise the profile of the contribution nature can make to addressing climate change. These Nature-based solutions to climate change include regenerating global ‘carbon sinks’ such as forests, wetlands (such as the UK’s degraded peat bogs), grass lands and marine vegetation such as kelp forests. The solutions offer a win-win-win: they are good for climate, nature, and rural livelihoods. Our joint briefing paper (available here), was developed to be fed into debate at COP26 and further explores Nature-based solutions. At the COP itself, working with colleagues from A Rocha Ghana, we were able to raise the profile of the biodiversity rich Atewa rainforest, now threatened with mining. You can learn more about the Save The Atewa Forest campaign and support their global petition here

We’ll continue working with the wider family to plan how we can, together, have the maximum impact in another COP that is fast approaching, the meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) which will take place in Kunming, China, in late spring 2022. Just as the climate COP was charged with stopping runaway climate change, so the ‘nature’ COP will be focussed on trying to turn around the precipitous loss of global biodiversity by 2030. In this mammoth but critical task, A Rocha UK wants to facilitate Christians and Churches to play a powerful role and 2022 provides many opportunities.


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